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Free 1 Day On-Site Consulting!

I will travel to your organization anywhere in the country and assess and advise on various aspects of your compensation system COMPLETELY FOR FREE.  All I ask is that you cover my expenses (airfare, two nights hotel, and rental car if necessary).  I require a two night stay to allow for full day service and also cover contingencies such as weather and flight delays.  I prefer to have Fridays be my working day but am flexible.   I offer this service to help my colleagues and to keep myself fresh with new challenges in the compensation field.  

The ways which you can benefit from my service are endless,
but here are some of the most common:

Job Evaluations
I can audit the duties of any position or title and help determine its appropriate placement in your job/salary structure.  I have extensive experience with several of the top Point Factor job evaluation systems and can do this alone or as part of a committee.

Job Evaluation Reviews/Appeals
Similar to above, I can be a valuable third party reviewer where a second opinion is needed or as part of a formal appeals process.

Gender Pay Equity Analysis
I can analyze employee pay data to determine the degree of gender pay equity in your organization and where some corrective action may be needed.

Meeting Facilitation
I can lead or be part of any important committee or meeting to do things such as discuss job evaluations, review and discuss incentive plans, lead focus groups, etc.

Incentive Plan Design
I can help senior and middle management determine what behaviors they are truly trying to reinforce so that there is a proper link to organizational and business unit objectives.  I can then also assist with actual plan design considerations.

Incentive Plan Review
I can also help review prior year incentive plans to find flaws and needed corrections for the upcoming plan year.

Performance Management Review
I can assist with the implementation or re-design of an employee performance management system.

Compensation Program Assessment
Whether implementing a brand new compensation structure or overhauling your existing one, I can provide advice on what features should be in any new system and how to implement it. 

Note:  Please understand that there will be no significant follow-up work or reporting back to you after the day is complete.  The most you should expect is a simple e-mail response the next day or a brief follow-up phone call.  Otherwise, all closing briefings should take place at the very end of the consulting day.


I have given numerous presentations on a variety of topics.  The following presentations have been given to Compensation & Benefits Associations, Human Resources Associations, General Business Groups, HR Departments, and Compensation functions.  Most are meant to be around 45 minutes in length to fit into luncheon or breakfast meeting schedules but can be adjusted to fit any length.

Incentive Compensation Basics
This presentation is an excellent overview of the basic terminology, concepts and plan design features of typical one year "target" type incentive plans.  Many aspects of sales compensation plans also share some of these same features though commission specific plans are not covered in-depth.

Sales Compensation Basics
This presentation is similar to the Incentive Compensation Basics presentation but covers the unique aspects and design features of sales compensation plans.

Many long-time HR and Compensation staff are not aware of the underlying number theories that support their function.  In this very entertaining presentation full of demonstrations and props, you will learn about Weber's Law, The Rule of 7, Social Channeling, and the like that is the underpinning of many HR applications such as performance management, compensation levels, and supervision.

Implementing a New Job Evaluation System (aka Class/Comp Study in the public sector)
Implementing a new job evaluation system and overhauling your compensation structure is a traumatic experience for any organization.  Learn some tips to be aware of before you sink tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into your eventual consultant.  

Basics of Job Evaluation
As more and more organizations adopt "market based" approaches to their pay structures, the important component of internal equity is often ignored.  Learn the benefits and features of a job evaluation tool, whether purchased or created in-house, to have available for your organization.

Basics of a Pay Structure
This presentation is meant for small but growing organizations, or a small business association, who are on the cusp of needing a more formalized, structured compensation system.  The basics of salary ranges, pay policy, salary administration policies, and the role of job evaluation and market data will be covered.

The Gender Gap Trap
This presentation will show you the latest developing trends in the area of Gender Pay Equity.  How to analyze data and what pitfalls may exist.

Multiple Choice Test Design
For those public sector HR people who use multiple choice tests as part of their employment process, this overview of how to improve many weak test questions and response choices will be invaluable.  The concept of Item Test Analysis will be introduced so you can realize its statistical power and benefits.  Advanced statistical measurement indexes will only be alluded to and not taught in any detail. 

Where I Am Unable to Offer Advice

Due to tax and legal implications, I am unable to consult on Executive Compensation (stock options, tax deferral strategies, etc.), Health & Welfare Benefit Plans, and Labor Adjudications.  

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